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JOHNSON HOLDING GMBH is a family-owned company founded in 1976, with headquarters in Düsseldorf. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swiss firms VERCAP AG (50%) and CALESI AG (50%), both headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland.

JOHNSON HOLDING GMBH (JHG) is the operating name of the company resulting from the merger of WBL Holding GmbH and Johnson Consult GmbH in 2013. WBL Holding GmbH was originally founded with a vision to pursue environmentally beneficial activities in the areas of water, soil and air. Based on this premise, the company's focus has been to start or obtain stakes in companies that contribute to the improvement of the environment. This strategy developed further to include activities involving renewable raw materials and logistics.


For more than 40 years WBL Holding GmbH (WBL) has owned or held stakes in operating companies involved in the research, development, production and distribution of apparatus and equipment for the disinfection and oxidation of drinking water, industrial and municipal waste water, and process water. The first subsidiary of WBL was WEDECO Gesellschaft für Entkeimumgsanlagen mbH, founded in 1976. WEDECO was a pioneer in the use of ultraviolet light and ozone oxidation for water treatment, and the predecessor of WEDECO AG Water Technology, a publicly traded global leader in this field.


In 1988, WBL Holding GmbH began to expand its activities in the area of ozone treatment for water and air. This led among other things to the acquisition of other companies involved with the oxidation of water in Germany, the United States, Korea, New Zealand, France, Englan, China, Australia and Singapore. WBL eventually became the world market leader in the oxidation of water using ozone prior to being acquired by WEDECO AG.


On October 26th, 1999, WEDECO AG offered its shares to the public through an IPO on the German stock exchange (DAX) in Frankfurt. Soon thereafter WEDECO was included in the MDAX Index of companies and after a reorganisation of the stock exchange in the TecDAX Index. The company grew rapidly worldwide to more than 800 employees and 24 companies selling around the globe. In 2004 ITT Industries Inc. (USA) acquired a majority stake in WEDECO AG.


The company BIOPETROL INDUSTRIES AG was founded in Zug, Switzerland. It rapidly developed into a market leader in Europe's biofuel industry, and became a publicly traded company through an IPO in Frankfurt in 2005. Seven years later in 2012 Glencore, one of the largest raw material companies in the world, acquired a majority holding in the company.


JHG acquired a research company focused on the development of new technologies for water purification. In particular the company is working on treatment solutions for water contaminated with Legionella bacteria, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), as well as other viral and bacterial organisms. The original vision to focus on environmentally friendly water purification and renewable raw materials continues to be of great importance to the company.


JHG acquires AMEX, a Swiss company specializing in water and gas pipeline Rehabilitation and Sealing Systems.

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